The Old Watermill
2024 Tariffs

Start day is Friday to the following Friday. Short breaks – Friday to
Monday & Monday to Friday at 70% of the full week fee.

Please enquire about our regular customer discount,  now increased to £30 per week

2024 Tariffs Amount per week
January 1st to March 15th £515 per week
March 22nd to May 17th
£610 per week
May 24th to July 12th  £640 per week
 July 19th to August 30th. inclusive  £680 per week
 September 6th to October 25th £610 per week
November 1st to December 13th   £515 per week
December 20th.  £750 per week
December 27th £610 per week
January 3rd 2025 £525 per week
Dog Fee £25 per week per dog
Log Basket £15 each
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