Fishing at the Mill

Here at the Old Watermill we have constructed three new fishing platforms for the exclusive use of our guests. One is on the mill pond (as in the picture), the…

New River Fishing platforms

We have recently built three new fishing platforms exclusively for  our guest’s use. One is in the Mill pond – see the picture here (with a guest fishing!) Two have…

Roof Repairs

Currently doing roof repairs to the Old Watermill  and we thought to show you this picture, taken from the Mill roof, looking upstream. You can see the intake for the…


As Springtime approaches, here are some reminders from the Mill garden, of what delights are to come! Previous Next

Our new Eel Pass

Have you ever seen one of these?? Anne & Andy were told that eel numbers are declining on their river because barriers across waterways hamper their route. One estimate suggested…

Hydropower at the Mill

Hardwater Mill at Great Doddington, near Wellingborough produces it’s own Hydropower electricity. Previous Next Video courtesy of Photos used with the kind permission of Mannpower Consulting The installation makes enough electricity to…